Friday, January 21, 2011

Apothecary Jars

Today I will be talking about Apothecary Jars. These are usually made of glass and have a lid. the fact that they are clear is what makes them so easy to use and have around. You can put anything inside these jars!!! Food, Candles, Rocks, Sand, Decorative Bulbs, Flowers (real or fake), ANYTHING!! I typical place to find these jars is in the bathroom. As you can see below they hold soap, sponges, and bath salts!! It displays everyday products that are used in a fun and simple way that adds uniqueness and a spa like quality to your bathroom.

I am a HUGE "Brothers & Sisters" fan!! I love love love Nora Walkers Kitchen. One of the things I like the most is that she has this big bay window with two or three giant apothecary jars filled with snacks. I know Pretzels is in one of them!! I tried to find a picture but had no luck.

I don't know if you noticed but all of these pictures of a grouping of these jars is in sets of THREE!! Three is very key. When I was in school they taught us that is was always good to do things in odd numbered groupings. This is true with anything... try it out and you will see!!

Another thing that I like about displaying the simplest things in a Jar is it's easy on the budget!! I mean pasta and rice.. not too pricey!! Also you can switch the contents any time you feel that the room could use a change.. without changing the whole room!! I do this all the time. I personally only own one apothecary jar.. but I do have other jars that I keep dog treats in. Or i use to have flour, sugar, and tea bags in them. You can put what you need right where you want it and call it a DECORATION!!! Talk about CHEAP!!
Well since it's Friday I we have friends coming over I better go. But I will be back tomorrow with a new IDEA!! Not sure what that will be yet?? Until the next time!!

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