Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trunks Continued...

PB $1,299.00

Pier 1 $199.000

Target $199.00

Trunks are very popular right now. I have noticed that they are commonly being used as a coffee table. This is another good idea. I inherited my two trunks but found some very nice ones in your everyday common stores. First is the trunk from Pottery Barn, it is $1,299.00. If you notice this trunk is styled after a luggage trunk and looks to be leather with buckles and snaps. Also it does not have feet like the two others,it sits right on the bottom of the trunk. The next trunk is from Pier 1 Imports this runs $199.00. This trunk caught my eye because it is more modern with an Asian flare. It proves that trunks aren't just for the traditional or county cute houses. This trunk looks very modern and chic!! The last trunk is from good old Target!! A personal favorite place to spend money of mine. This trunk is also $199.00 and has a very strong well made quality. This reminds me of my mothers cedar chest growing up because it is smooth and long and it looks REALLY HEAVY!! I would love to hear feed back on any of your own trunks or trunks you have found in stores. I also welcome questions and topic ideas that may be appealing to my readers... if I have any!! :) Tomarrow I think the topic will be Apathacary Jars!!

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